Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Gets Bad Reviews On Stage and Off

Lindsay Lohan has been getting terrible reviews for her West End debut in Speed the Plow but that's nothing compared to what's going on behind the scenes.

As lousy as Lindsay Lohan’s reviews for “Speed-the-Plow” have been since the show opened Thursday night, the theatrics that went into her photo shoot for Time Out London sound much worse.
LiLo made her stage debut to a predictably poor reception this week on the West End. But Confidenti@l spies across the pond tell us the show is a raging success compared to the bad drama she created at the magazine shoot to promote the show’s opening.
“She showed up two and a half hours late,” said our spy. “She then spent two hours getting ready and only agreed to take photos for 10 minutes.”
The shoot had to be scheduled at a location close to the London Playhouse Theater as well, we’re told.
“The farther she gets away from the theater, the tougher it is to get her back,” a LiLo handler told production sources.
We’re told the “Mean Girls” star complained about having several members of the photo staff in the room and clearly didn’t want to be there herself.
Lohan was a problem in postproduction too — even though she wasn’t even there.
“She didn’t look good,” said a source close to the shoot. “Her photos had to be retouched twice to make her look less bloated.”
Lohan’s nails were certainly ready for their close¬up. We’re told she tried to get the magazine to pick up the cost of a $560 beauty treatment that included a fancy manicure. The mag declined. We’re also told that Lohan asked to keep an outfit used in the photo shoot, which the magazine also refused.
One source on set says Lohan’s entourage even included an adviser of some sort who was believed to be a therapist.
“Even though she only shot for 10 minutes, (she) proceeded to have a 45-minute therapy session there,” marveled our insider.
Lohan’s antics are not going to help the already struggling show, which will need all the press it can get. Lohan, who has a history of blowing lines, needed help remembering her dialogue in previews and again on opening night when instructions had to be shouted from backstage.
Reviews of the play have been mediocre at best. U.K. papers the Guardian and the Evening Standard each gave it two out of a possible five stars. The Telegraph was slightly more generous, giving three of five.
Lohan’s last known publicist declined to comment, as LiLo is no longer with the firm. A rep for Time Out London couldn’t be reached.
Jacked from NY Daily News


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She looks as old as my mother...
my mother is 62.

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Thank God she got them filthy fingers done..last time I noticed it looked like a fckn car ran over her hands..dammit

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