Friday, October 3, 2014

Kim Kardashian Leaves North West Behind?

Preoccupied with paparazzi Kim Kardashian appears to forget daughter North West as she leaves her Paris Hotel.
Kim Kardashian might have paraded daughter North West around Paris for Fashion Week, but when it came time to leave the City of Lights, the mom-of-one almost left without her!
In a new video taken October 1, the reality star is spotted leaving her Paris hotel without her daughter in tow.
Kardashian must have been blinded by all of the camera flashes – or her $1.25 million engagement ring – because as soon as she reaches her private car that’s ready to whisk her away, the reality star quickly turns around and heads back inside.
But when the Keeping up with the Kardashians star emerges from thehotel once again, North is in her arms! The reality starlet is wearing a pink ensemble in the video, which is the exact same outfit she wore when she touched down in Los Angeles. That’s right, Mrs. West could have pulled a Home Alone on North.
Imagine what Kanye West would say?

Jacked from Radar Online


Evy-E said...

Why does this isht surprises anyone? All she and this child is to Coonye are dress up dolls and poor Ignori is a fashion accessory. It's just disgusting. It ain't worth talking about this beyoootch anymore!

Anonymous said...

she trying to show off that ugly azz outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course - This is what happens when you treat your kids, little doggies (a la Paris Hilton) as junk trinkets!!!

zeeedeee said...

The only thing Kim is blinded by is her need to be NOTIFIED!

Anonymous said...

I bet her sorry azz didn't forget her purse

Anonymous said...


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