Friday, October 10, 2014

Selena Gomez Humiliated by Kendall Jenner Justin Bieber Hook-Up

Selena Gomez humiliated by Kendall Jenner's flirty phone texts to Justin Bieber.

The singer and actress has split from Bieber once again after Kendall Jenner came between them both Selena Gomez was left "humiliated" when she found texts from Kendall Jenner on Justin Bieber's phone during their trip away in St. Maarten .
The Come And Get It singer reportedly cut off Kendall and her sister Kylie earlier this year after she found out they were sending flirty messages to her on/off boyfriend and now it seems history is repeating itself.
A source told US Weekly: "Selena doesn't trust her motives - they fought and split."
The couple had a huge row on September 30 in the airport on their way to Paris and Selena, 22, reportedly threw her purse on the ground and stormed off.
Justin, 20, now "wants her back" and posted a photograph of her kissing his shoulder on Instagram recently before later deleting it.
A source said Justin had "been texting Kendall the whole time" and a secret dinner date in Paris wasn't the first time he'd been out with the 18 year old.
While they have met up for cosy evenings, the insider told In Touch: "Justin admitted it and insists they're just friends, but Selena doesn't believe him, and they had a screaming match over it."
They added: "She feels completely humiliated."
Poor Selena, she's definitely better off without the Biebs, but a lot of girls do love a bad boy.
The source added: "Justin has this amazing way of working his way back into her life and she is completely weak when it comes to him.
"No one would be surprised if she went back. It's like an addiction." 
Oh dear.
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Anonymous said...

Mz Krickett:

Those little girls have really been raised to be whorish.
For shame.
The boundaries are horrible.

Wake Up Girl said...

Selena needs to get her mind right, she still has a career and longevity ahead of her. JB is 2 days away from being yesterday's trash and Kendal is just...well TRASH, run thru trash at that. Neither one of them will last as long as Selena.

Anonymous said...

SMH! They are the definition of "don't bring your man around" SMH! Her and Selena were friends! Just like Black Chyna and Trina were friends with Kim Kardashian.

zeeedeee said...

I remember when Selena was just turning 18 and the press was goin on and on salivating over her becoming "legal"..where all them mf's at now huh?..this girl is a ran thru drug addict

TheBarberLady said...

I hate both of these bitches but why is it always the woman's behavior being scrutinized? He's just as big of a desperate slut, drug addict, loser as her.

Anonymous said...

how do they say in spanish Selena is an ESTUPIDA?

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