Thursday, November 20, 2014

Angelina Jolie Bans Kim Kardashian From Her Movie Premier

Angelina Jolie orders Kim Kardashian to stay away from her Sydney movie premier.

Angelina Jolie wasn't going to let a certain reality TV star steal all the attention from her much anticipated film premiere in Sydney on Monday night.
In fact, TheFIX can exclusively reveal Ange, 38, pulled out all the stops to ensure Kim Kardashian – also in town for promotional duties – was kept as far away as possible.
Our source explained: "The last thing Angie needs is a reality star walking the red carpet at her premiere. "She is focused only on getting the Oscar nomination she’s always wanted and didn’t give Kim a second thought. She’s got too much on the line right now."
Our Kardashian source says Kim, 33, reached out to Ange's people in the hope to attend the world premiere of Unbroken and get close to the Hollywood starlet.
And while the red carpet was filled with varying levels of stardom, mainly from Australia, Ange wasn't about to allow Kim "limelight stealer" Kardashian attend.
The source explains: "Kim thought this was finally her chance to get in with her. Kim tried desperately to arrange a get-together with Brad and Angie and even begged for tickets to the Unbroken premiere. But Angie personally barred her."
We're told Kim – who last night launched her new fragrance in Melbourne – was devastated by the decision and believed it would be different if husband Kanye West had been in Australia with her.
The source adds: "Angie's people told Kim to buzz off and that Angie didn't want to socialize with Kim or do a photo op in Australia with her. Kim was crushed."
It proves that despite Anna Wintour's Vogue cover and a rising acceptance in the fash world, some Hollywood types are still not keen on accepting Kim into their world.
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Anonymous said...

Why does Kim believe that she can just be anyone and everyone friend just because she is married to Kanye I mean a friendship goes both ways and they also get to choose you as well.

Anonymous said...

you really think angie has time to check a guest list. uhm k

Anonymous said...

Poor tink tink. If your own sister does not want anything to do with you, why would strangers want you lurking?

Anonymous said...

Kim really thinks she's A list huh... Girl bye you are a WHORE and nobody other than Kanye wants anything to do with you or your trashy family!

Anonymous said...

this picture is everything lol

NBA is fixed said...

Angelina Jolie is a A-list star. Kim K is a porn star. 'Nuff said.

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