Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Clay Aiken's Baby Mama Hoping to Lower Child Support

Clay Aiken's baby mother desperately wants the ex-American Idol contestant to get a job so a judge will lower her child support order.

Clay Aiken isn’t the only one smarting over his failed attempt to become a congressman in North Carolina. has learned that the 35-year-old former American Idolcontestant’s baby mama, Jaymes Foster, 50, is also deeply disappointed he lost. According to a source, a win would have meant she could have petitioned for a reduction in the $7,500 child support payment she must give Aiken every month.
As Radar reported, Foster gave birth to openly gay Aiken’s now six-year-old son, Parker, in 2008 after undergoing artificial insemination. Aiken and his former best friend have since fallen out, and they’ve been in and out of Los Angeles courts over custody issuesfor years.
“Jaymes was very, very disappointed that Clay lost,” a source tells Radar. “This was a major opportunity for her to ask the judge for a reduction in child support because members of Congress are paid $174,000 a year with very generous benefits.”
Incumbent Republican Renee Elmers trounced Aiken in North Carolina’s predominantly conservative 2nd Congressional District.
Aiken’s baby mama is the sister of mega producer David Foster, and she had served as executive producer of Aiken’s last three ill-received albums for RCA.
“Clay is very jealous of the success that Jaymes has accomplished in her career. He wants a life of luxury, but he does not want to have to pay for it,” an insider recently told Radar. “There is absolutely no demand for Clay as a musician. He is always trying to get more money out of Jaymes. It’s just a sad situation.”
Despite Aiken’s loss in the election, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he was able to parlay his run for office into a reality show to premiere in 2015 on NBCUniversal’s GQ channel.
Says the source, “Jaymes will want to know how much Clay is being paid for the reality show, but she knows it won’t be a lot.”
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Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

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