Monday, November 3, 2014

Drunk Miley Bids Half a Mill at Charity Auction

Miley Cyrus gets drunk and donates half a million dollars during Amfar charity auction.

Miley Cyrus made it rain at the AmfAR Gala on Wednesday night.
"I'm a little drunk," she said on stage after bidding $300,000 on a Ryan McGinley photograph of a naked woman.
She then proceeded to donate another $200,000 to the AIDS research organization during the star-studded gala in Los Angeles, reports GossipCop.
"That's why I'm a half-million deep," she added about that paper she dropped during the event.
Jacked from The Daily News


Anonymous said...

Well at least she didn't blow a half a million on blow, so hand clap for molly.

Anonymous said...

and Gwynnie announced from the podium, she was drunk! What a deplorable crew.

Anonymous said...

@1:43 ,exactly, Ratchet at charity event and are probably ratchet are church, weddings, graduations and funerals. Just go everywhere being ratchet is there no place where rachetness is checked at the door. SMH.

Anonymous said...

It is also a tax write-off - GTFOH

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