Friday, November 21, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow Shades Martha Stewart with Cake

Gwyneth Paltrow shades Martha Stewart with catty cake recipe.

Jailbird Cake?
Seems like a dish best served cold.
Gwyneth Paltrow's latest baking suggestion appears to be a cleverly veiled diss at domestic rival Martha Stewart's past as a prisoner.
Published on her website, goop, the dessert consists of chocolate wafers and whipped cream – and brings to mind 73-year-old Stewart's 2004 stint behind bars (and then under house arrest) for insider trading.
Now that's having your cake and eating it too.
It's also an apt response to the "Conscious Coupling" spread that appeared inMartha Stewart Living last month, a play on the announcement that Paltrow, 42, was "consciously uncoupling" from husband Chris Martin.
"The folks at goop know how to have some fun, too," a source close to the goop creator tells PEOPLE. "If Martha served up the appetizer, the Jailbird Cake is just desserts."
You know what they say: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
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Anonymous said...

When blonde birds squawk.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

That's Martha's fault for acknowledging this wack bitch in the first place, when you acknowledge idiots they feel they are in the same circle with you hence her attempted shade, this bitch can't shade someone of Martha's level, the only reason Martha went to prison was because she was a woman, and they wanted to make an example of her ass, after all its was a good ole boys club and heaven forbid a woman, should play ball with the big dogs. at least Martha came up though the ranks based on her hard work and talent.

She did not have hollyweird parent connections or given a nepotism pass. even that "oscar" she won for Shakespeare in love was a fucking joke, if anyone saw that movie while not being high, will attest to the fact there was not one iota in that stupid ass movie that was worthy of an oscar. this simple bitch can't shade nobody of Martha s level she tried it.

Anonymous said...

Please!! Martha and the people don't care about Gwyneth's dried up ass cake recipes, that bitch can't cook let alone create receipes - she don't even eat with her skin and bones self. Prison or no prison Martha has an empire that is still going strong whereass Gwyneth has a pile of shit she is still trying to turn into gold - ain't going to happen Gwyneth!!!

Anonymous said...

Ick Gwen is so vanilla bean and plain - like a whitewashed wall

Anonymous said...

Oh those old ass actors off spring....ya-i only buy Martha Stewart towels,home decor,I LUV her recipes and appliances however I did laugh during shallow hall. HAVE A SEAT SUCCESSFUL ONLY BECAUSE WHO DICK U SHOT OUT OF

Anonymous said...

@5:06., the wall looks way better. What's the matter with you.

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