Monday, November 10, 2014

Jay Z Wants to Make Cara Delevingne a Recording Star

Jay Z wants to sign super model Cara Delevingne to his record label.
The '99 Problems' hitmaker is reportedly ''convinced'' the British model - who has been in the recording studio with Pharrell Williams - has what it takes to be a musical superstar and thinks his Roc Nation label would be the perfect home for her.
A source said: ''Jay is seriously pushing for her to sign to his label. Industry insiders are saying it would be an amazing fit.
''What's more, he and Pharrell have been in close conversation about their plans for her - they've worked together in the past and it's needless to say there's no one more suited than these two to launch Cara's music career. ''As far as Jay is concerned there isn't another woman around who could achieve the type of multifaceted stardom he believes Cara is set for. She has the same relentlessness and cool attitude as the likes of Rihanna or Beyonce, plus the added appeal of being a genuine international supermodel. He's convinced she can make a huge mark on the music industry over the next five years.''
Cara has been working 15-hour days in the recording studios and consulting her pop star pals for advice as she is determined to be taken seriously when she launches her new career. The source told LOOK magazine: ''Rihanna has been offering her a lot of support, teaching her about the craft and how to put on a big production.
''She's also been speaking to Taylor Swift about songwriting. Cara wants her work to be as authentic as possible and that includes writing her own lyrics - something Taylor is obviously famous for.''
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Anonymous said...

Assuming this is true, and Jay is not actually hiring her to supply drugs for him and his crew under the guise of a "recording contract", he's wasting his time and money. Seems like he would've learned from the mistake he made with Rita Ora.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen. Deluded old fool.

Anonymous said...

Of course this would be a dream come true for Jay - finally the white woman he has desired for so long signing to his label. I promise you Jay wont fuck over her, he will give her every dime and more whether she is a successs or not, and then if she is not happy and it does not work out with the music, Jay will praise her and talk about how she was the best artist of all time, and it was such an honor and privilege to work with her and gleefully and gladly let her out of her contract with no strings attached.

Anonymous said...

That's if she don't try to snatch B from him..

Anonymous said...

Why would she enter the insane music industry, she is making moocho bucks in the crazy modeling industry. I am sure someone else with character is involved, if she is even thinking about it.
Jay is a delusional old man but he has money and this draws insecure, desperate people,

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

I'm going with the first poster, she's obviously a drug dealer to the "starz" this ugly no talent star fucker just will not fade away, yes I'm looking forward to the comedy from this "musical career" the music industry is joke nowadays. I can image all the crouching tiger, hidden dragon, 36 chambers of shaolin, fist of the white lotus, 5 deadly venom's high tech, heave duty wizard involved to make this bitch sound even tolerable, this will pure comedy, this hairy caterpillar Ernie and Bert eyebrow, druggie dingy broad will give us the public the comedy we seek from these delusional hoes, always a nigga rushing the save the snow flake, ain't no sane yt man attempting this level of fuckery leave it up to the "new slaves, niggers in paris" to try and legitimize becky as an entertainer lol

Anonymous said...

Jay'z so desperate always wanting to get his grimy hands into other people's ideas and actions he's just like his greedy wife.

Quiana said...

Jay this have got to stop please go home and retire please.
Thank you
The Public.

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