Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kim Kardashian Blasted Over Political Tweets

Kim Kardashian branded a moron for Tweeting support for President Barack Obama in the mid-term elections.

Kim Kardashian has been blasted by fans as an "airhead" and "moron" after posting a cartoon photo of her stood next to US President Barack Obama, vowing to 'stand by him' - despite him not standing for re-election.
The reality star posted the snap of the cartoon pair stood in front of the White House together, with the caption: "I’m standing with President Obama in the midterm election tomorrow!"
She then re-added it with a tick box - confirming she'd voted, and added a snap outside just in case we didn't believe her.
But social media users have labelled the star idiotic for her messages, claiming she clearly didn't realise Obama wasn't even up for re-election.
One wrote: "You're a f***ing moron!" While another added: "You know it isn't the presidential elections yet,... Right?"
However some pointed out Kim might have simply meant she was sticking with Obama - by voting along Democratic party lines.
Despite the insults, Kim let them fly over her head and posted the stunning snap outside hours later, as she celebrated casting her vote in stilettos - of course.
She added: "#iVoted."
But it's not just the mum-of-one publicising her political views online, as hubby Kanye West urges his fans to follow in his footsteps too.
He wrote on Twitter last night: "Me and my wife met with President Obama two weeks ago. "I'm supporting the Democratic ticket in these midterms.
"The midterms are extremely important.
"I know it’s last minute, but if you haven’t voted, please vote today."
It looks like Kanye understands after all - so we're sure he's explained it all to Kim.
At least the pair seem to have forgiven the President, after he shunned them previously in a speech - phew.
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