Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kim Kardashian Doesn't Approve of Kylie Dating Tyga

Kim Kardashian does not approve of her sister's relationship with rapper Tyga because it violates the girl code.

Kim Kardashian does NOT approve of Kylie's relationship with Tyga.
Sources directly connected to Kim tell TMZ ... her issue has nothing to do with her 17-year-old sister dating a 24-year-old. In fact ... we're told Kim says she's in the dark as to whether the relationship is even physical.
But for Kim ... it boils down to allegiance. One of her good friends is Blac Chyna, Tyga's baby mama. We're told Kim feels like both Kylie and Tyga should have been more respectful and realized they were putting her in the middle of an impossible situation.
Kim is saying her sister in a way is violating "the code" -- you don't date the ex of someone who's close to you or a family member. That said ... Kim makes it clear she loves Kylie and has her back, but she thinks Kylie is making a bad choice.
Thanksgiving will be interesting.
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Anonymous said...

Well I'll. be damned, this is the first time I'm actually agreeing with Kimmey Cakes. But that doesn't mean I agree with her own slutty ways. But she is right this time.

Anonymous said...

Blac Chyna is Kim's friend not her lil hot ass sister's friend. Kylie owes Blac Chyna absolutely nothing. And anyway,in their small circle in Hollyweird, everybody sleeps with everybody and this sleazy slime bucket who got her claim to fame by sucking off Ray J on film have the nerve to talk about a code. Girl, shut the f**$% up and have several seats.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like something kris jenner put out to keep kim from looking like the diabolical back-stabber she is. too late. it's clear that her and blac chyna's "friendship" was as fake as both of their asses.

Anonymous said...

sounds like kimmy is getting nervous about that blac chyna/amber rose alliance

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