Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kim Kardashian Recreates Solange's Wedding Photo

Kim Kardashian recreates Solange Knowles iconic wedding photo using mannequins.

Can the Kardashian clan let someone else have the spotlight for just one week? Is that really asking too much? The family famous for absolutely nothing has been busy this week trying to steal Solange’s thunder after she had one of the most epic weddings in the history of the universe.
Kris Jenner tried it first, posting some yawn worthy Kardashian family photograph on Instagram at the same time the rest of the universe was busy posting images from Solange’s wedding. The matriarch captioned the image, featuring her daughters wearing all white, “#Family #Love”.

Now, Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli are imitating one of Solange’s epic wedding photographs by replacing the singer’s wedding party with mannequins. Joyce posted the image on Wednesday, captioning it, “MELBOURNE FAMiLY.”
You don’t, under any circumstance, replace Beyonce and Janelle Monáe with mannequins. Let Solange have her moment.
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Anonymous said...

She wants to be a Knowles so damn bad... just about as badly as Kanye wants to be JayZ! She couldn't befriend Beyonce because Solange warned her sister about Kim's shady ways. Rememember when Solange, LaLa and Kelly used to be the Three Amigos? Then all of a sudden, you never saw LaLa with Solange anymore, but suddenly LaLa and Kim became bffs? Yeah, Kim ain't low. We have seen the shady ways of every one of her sisters except Kourtney and Kendall. She can keep befriending mannequins though because the Knowles don't play with trash boxes.

Anonymous said...

This disrespectful white racists bitch is disgusting. Typical white racists behavior act like they are our friends while calling us all kinds of n****** names behind our backs. All these Black women need to stop being the tokens for this heffa, and dismiss this bitch, cut her loose, and let her hang with her white girlfriends. The time has come for Blacks to stop claiming these racists bitches and giving them a pass, we need to make sure we throw their kkk asses back to the whites - Damn its their trash anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

She has no friends. Had to use mannequins instead.

Just sad.

Anonymous said...

This hoe..........

Anonymous said...

shady bitch. This begins the countdown of her 15 mins

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