Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marc Anthony Engaged to Shannon De Lima

Marc Anthony announces engagement five months after divorce becomes final from Jennifer Lopez.

Singer Marc Anthony is set to wed again after secretly proposing to his on/off girlfriend in March, according to new reports.
Sources tell Us Weekly magazine the Latino star will exchange vows with fiancee Shannon De Lima in the Dominican Republic later this month.
Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband has been dating the model since 2012.
The engagement and marriage news comes just five months after Anthony and Lopez officially divorced. They wed in 2004 and have two kids.
The crooner was previously wed to beauty queen Dayanara Torres.
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Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

I see Baron Samedi found love again, lets see how long this last when he inadvertently impregnate another waitress, while married, this man is not marriage material, how do you go from a miss universe? to jlo to what? he's probably a sex addict, I bet the soon to be missus think she can change him. he's like another charlie sheen only without the violence towards women, and epic crack induced delusions. granted this Palero looks like he's no stranger to crack.

Anonymous said...

this man is ugly...does anyone see the similarity with diddy?
fugly, rich, baby mama's in a line behind him.
women will never get ahead, if we keep giving it
hahaha, made myself laugh!!

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