Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stephen Collin Suing Estranged Wife for $1 Million

Actor Stephen Collins is demanding $1 million from his estranged wife for leaking audio of him confessing to molesting underage girls.

“7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins, who allegedly admitted to having sex with underage girls, is demanding $1 million from his wife because she secretly recorded his revolting confession and then leaked it, according to a report Wednesday.
Collins, whose estranged wife, Faye Grant, taped him during a therapy session admitting to bedding girls as young as 11, says in court papers related to his divorce case that Grant should pay up because the leak of the tape has hurt his career, according to the gossip Web site TMZ.
Thev couple’s divorce trial was postponed until January during a hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday. Judge Scott Gordon approved a motion permitting Grant’s lawyer to withdraw from the case, and then Judge Mark Juhas ordered the proceedings to be delayed until Jan. 5 to give Grant time to find a new lawyer.
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Anonymous said...

Depending on the state, recording a conversation without the other persons knowledge or consent could cause the child porn charges to be thrown out but the damage is already done. If his ex-wife does have to pay, that money should go to his victims and their families.

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