Monday, December 29, 2014

Brad Pitt Ordered to Stay Away From Rihanna

Jealous wife Angelina Jolie orders hubby Brad Pitt to stay away from pop star Rihanna.

“STAY away from that woman!” That’s what a furious Angelina Jolie told hubby Brad Pitt about sexy “Diamonds” singer Rihanna after he recently gushed over the pop sexpot, sources said.
“Angie wasn’t a happy camper when Brad introduced Rihanna at her charity event,” said a source close to the actress. “She knows Rihanna’s had a serious crush on her husband for some time now.”
The Barbadian hottie, 26, has been obsessed with Brad “since she was a teenager,” a source close to her told The National ENQUIRER.
“At one time, she even had a life-size portrait of Brad hanging above her bed! She’d joke to friends, ‘There hangs my future husband.’”
Rihanna also performed at Brad’s “Make It Right” gala in New Orleans in 2012.And when talk show hostEllen DeGeneres asked whether she’d rather date Brad or George Clooney, Rihanna said, “You look at Brad Pitt and it’s like, ‘Damn!’” Brad, 51, introduced Rihanna at her star-studded Diamond Ball Gala inLos Angeles on Dec. 11, and then ribbed her in a mock roast.
The source said: “Angelina also heard all about how Brad hung out with Rihanna backstage after the event, and she read him the riot act!
“But Brad pointed out that she’s a fine one to talk, with her crushes on her ‘Unbroken’ stars, Miyavi and Jack O’Connell!”
As The ENQUIRER has reported, Brad also flew into a jealous rage after Angelina, 39, recently reconnected with a former beau, married Hollywood costumer Anton Schneider.
And Brad was in a “fury” after Angie and Miyavi, a 33-year-old Japanese rock star, got touchy-feely right in front of him at an “Unbroken” event in Sydney, Australia, on Nov. 18, sources dished to The ENQUIRER.
According to insiders, Brad pleaded with Angie to lighten up about Rihanna. To appease her, he and kids Maddox, 13, Pax, 11, and Shiloh, 8,subbed for Angie at the “Unbroken” premiere in Los Angeles on Dec. 15.
The source said: “He’s hoping that will get Ang off his back.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

Yeah Brad would tap that

Sunno said...

Angelina knows you loose them how you get them. And she is known for ruining relationships. Rhianna is a threat, young hot and rich.

Anonymous said...

Angelina has been throwing shade at Rihanna for years lol

Anonymous said...

miyavi and angelina? both are weirdos so it makes sense

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they have an open arrangement where they both get to screw various men and women with each other's consent.

Anonymous said...

@3:04 How so?

Anonymous said...

^She banned Rihanna songs from her kids playlist. this when in 2012, saying something to the tune of her music is horrific and vulgar. I'm not judging. she aint really lying lol

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