Friday, December 12, 2014

Bruce Jenner Confirms Sex Change Operation?

Insiders claim Bruce Jenner has revealed to his family he's ready to undergo a sex change.

EXCLUSIVE -- Bruce Jenner Confirms: I'll Be a Woman Soon!
Fellow Starbucks customers couldn’t help but gawk on Dec. 3 when Bruce Jenner stopped into his local Malibu coffee shop. They were stunned by his large, glimmering diamond earrings — and the fact that he appeared to be wearing lip gloss and mascara! Rounding out his makeover were a French manicure and long, high ponytail complete with ombre highlights. But, perhaps most shocking of all, were the breasts protruding beneath his baggy black sweatshirt!
So, why the sudden decision to make his transformation so much less discreet? Star has learned that the Olympian’s divorce from Kris Jenner was all but finalized in early December, and his newfound freedom has given him confidence to open up to his family about who he truly is.
On Dec. 1, the 65-year-old invited Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian to lunch to share his decision, with plans to tell younger children, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, at a later time. “The girls were reserved at first, but listening to Bruce open up and get teary as he spoke really touched them,” a source reveals. “They told him they support him no matter what, and they always will.”
Before telling the Kardashian girls, Bruce also told his other adult children, Brody, Brandon, Burt and Brody Jenner, and Cassandra Marino, who were also supportive.
Kris, on the other hand, is livid with her ex. “When Kim let it slip to Kris that Bruce had opened up to her and her sisters about his changes, Kris called him and lit into him,” the insider reveals. “She told him he’s a disgrace.”
Jacked from Star Magazine  


Anonymous said...

Oh really Kris, he/she's a disgrace? Which are you, the pot or the kettle?

Anonymous said...

Kris fucked him so much he decided to become a Kardashian too!!! I dont judge.. More power to you Brenda Kardashian!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo basically Kim started this gangsta shit with the whole sex tape. Kris took the torch and has been nonstop with making her family a household name. Bruce is an olympian, but has been emasculated by a woman who has bigger balls so he decided to snip his and do him!! Kim has been ran thru more than tha NY subway station, poor Kanye!!! When he lost his mom i swear he lost his mind!! He should have NEVER married and procreated with this chick!! Dont get me wrong, North West is a cute kid but for some reason the 2nd verse of his song GOLD DIGGER plays in my head when i think of their relationship... 18 years 18 years!!!!!!!! Kourtney is a controlling undercover lesbian who smashes poor Scott to smithereens, she didnt even give a fuck about his feelings when his parents died and started spiraling out of control!! They dont even sleep in the same bed!! Poor Khloe cant find Mr. Right , i hate that Lamar turned out to be a crackhead, French is tryna hang on long enough to get hitched without a prenup or get her knocked up!! As for the younger of the clan, at least Kendall is making an honest living and doing her thing as a model, hopefully she wont get turned out. Poor lil Kylie the ugly ducking that got lip injections and turned into a beautiful swan wants to follow in her big sis Kims footseps i guess but shes starting EARLY!! How old is she anyways?? With all the jetsetting and hanging with Tyga when does she have time to go to school? Does being a Kardashian or having money mean education isnt important?? Kris is just the puppetmaster and trying to ride the cash cow until theres nothing left u cant be mad at that!!

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