Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Burt Reynolds Auction a Bust

Burt Reynolds gets less than half the proceeds from auction of his personal effects.

When all was said and done at the Las Vegas auction of Hobe Soundbig screen legend Burt Reynolds‘ memorabilia earlier this month, the money that the actor took home is nowhere near the $2.5 million booty that the sale brought.
Get this: Reynolds got less than half!
It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Reynolds, 78, really got about $1 million from the 676-item Julien’s Auctions event at the Palms Casino Resort.
“When you factor in the commissions for the auction house and the fact that several big-ticket items that were no longer owned by Burt, he went home with about $1 million,” a source close to the star of Deliverance andThe Longest Yard told us.
And that’s not enough for Reynolds to cover the $1.2 million-mortgage on the Hobe Sound house, which has been in foreclosure since 2011!
“I love how everybody thinks Burt made all kinds of money,” said the source. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”
And the proof is in the real estate: According to MLS listings, Reynolds’ Intracoastal house is still up for sale, for $4.9 million — despite the auction.
Gossip Extra is told that 1977 Trans Am used in the promotional tour for the release of Reynolds’ Smokey and the Bandit that sold at the auction for $450,000 was no longer Reynolds’.
The car had been his indeed — but he sold it years ago and did not get a penny from its sale this month!
Also in the auction were several items owned by Reynolds’ ex-wife, Loni Anderson, who received the money for it. What Reynolds did get money for, however, are his Palm Beach County football trophies. Back in 1952, Reynolds received several honors for his play for Palm Beach High School. One trophy went for $1,600 and another for $1,920.
Julien’s owner Darren Julien confirmed that Reynolds’ cut was “easily $1 million.”
We’re calling Burt’s house for comment but no one is picking up the phone. In interviews before the auction, he denied being broke and said he just wanted to get rid of the memorabilia.
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Poor Burt; should've listed his stuff on E-bay. I never did care for the way he treated Loni after they were married.

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