Monday, December 1, 2014

Eminem Hints at Sex with Rihanna

Rapper Eminem hints at oral sex with Rihanna in new track.

Eminem has hinted he and Rihanna are more than just friends and collaborators in a revealing new track.
In the lyrics to new tune Shady Xv, the rapper claims Rihanna calls him Pinocchio - because she loves "the way I lie".
The line is a reference to the pair's 2010 hit Love the Way You Lie.
He adds, "(She) sits on my face and waits for my nose to grow."
Eminem has made it a habit of posting provocative rhymes about music's leading ladies in recent weeks - previous tracks have featured raps about raping Iggy Azalea and punching Lana Del Rey in the face.
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Anonymous said...

I believe they have had sex. Eminem is one of those white men that have sex with black women because it is something to do, basically a notch in his belt. He is not into black women like that.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to picture this. FOH

Anonymous said...

Who hasn't had sex with her

Anonymous said...

Don't let them have a falling out because Em will stalk and trash Riri every chance he gets like he did to Mariah after she denied letting him hit.

Anonymous said...

What 8:08 said. Everybody's slept with this human urinal. Eminem AKA Slim Shady AKA Captain Obvious.

WTF???!!!!! said...

Rihanna's an industry mattress. He ate her infested cooch and she has herp. These celebs are truly nasty. He could've kept that out of his lyrics, cos he looks even more stupid.

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