Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kendall Jenner Using Chris Brown?

Insiders claim Kendall Jenner is using Chris Brown to boost her notoriety.

Kendall Jenner has reportedly set her sights on bad boy Chris Brown.
According to Radar Online, the reality star is keen to up her celebrity status by datingthe rapper and has always thought he was 'hot'.
A source close to the model said: "Kendall has thought Chris was hot for years now and has always idolised him. "Kendall conveniently latches on to whomever can make her more famous and she is game for anything that will get her the most exposure."
However it won't be plain sailing for the 19-year-old television personality as Chris reportedly sees her as a 'little girl'.
The source continued: "Chris looks at her like a little girl but she does everything to make herself appear to be a woman.”
Kendall is also keen to keep her new beau from her family, especially her sisters.
The insider shared: "Kendall tells her sisters that they are not hooking up, but they would never be okay with Chris Brown dating their little sister. No one would.”
Meanwhile, Chris' new relationship with the model is reportedly making his ex Karrueche Tran jealous.
The source explained: "Chris knows that Karrueche cannot stand Kendall and it really pissed her off when she saw her sitting on his lap. Why do you think Kendall is best friends with Justin Bieber and only hangs out with supermodels? "She is a smart girl and everything she is doing right now is for her own selfish gains. She doesn’t realise that her reputation as being a starf**r is actually only going to hurt her in the long run."
Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

Sooner rather than later, a new young ho will be on the scene replacing that nasty starfucker, leaving the has been used up starfucker turning tricks with old men and saudi princes like her nasty ass sister.

Anonymous said...

Chris is stupid and Kendall is a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Kendall doesnt need to latch on to Chris Brown to increase her fame, SHE'S A KARDASHIAN!!!!! She's being young and rich!! Yall know the elite run and fuck in the same circles, now she and Kylie are of age they can join the ranks of their sisters and see how many d**ks does it take to find my mate???

Anonymous said...

And he is using her for the fresh young tender news at 11

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