Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kylie Jenner Fighting with Momager Over Money

Kylie Jenner fighting with her Momager Kris Jenner over money from her hair extension line.

Kylie Jenner’s extension line begins shipping this week, and has learned that the young reality star is already at war with momager Kris Jenner over her cut of the profits.
“Kylie has been fighting non-stop with her mother Kris over the money generated from this,” a source close toKeeping up with the Kardashiansfamily tells Radar exclusively.
According to the source, the Kylie Hair Kouture By Bellami line, which features a variety of clip-ins that cost $249 per box, “Are selling extremely well, and Kylie feels she should have complete access to the money because it is hers and she deserves it.”
“She does not want to give any money to her mother or her family, even though they are the ones who helped facilitate the line,” the insider says.
As Radar previously reported, both Jenner and her 19-year-old model runway sister Kendall Jenner have been at odds with their 59-year-old mother over the past several months, for reasons varying from career control to boyfriend issues.
But as the youngest Jenner now launches her own empire, the source says that her needs are outgrowing her wants.
“Kylie just needed something of her own,” the source tells Radar. “The clothing line with Kendall is not doing so well and she knows that the show won’t go on forever, so the hair extension line is her new pride and joy.”
“But now it is causing even more drama because she is fuming that her mother still controls all of her money until she is 18-year-old,” the source claims.
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Anonymous said...

She should trust her mom. Her mother got her supported her throughout all of her life. It's only right that she allows her mom to control her money. This is what's wrong the people these days. There is a lack of respect for parents. I have always respected my mom. She has always been there for me as a child and now that she's older, I am there for her. Although I am 45 and still living in her basement rent free I do plan on moving out one day and continue to support her. I just have to find a job. Nobdy seem to be hiring these days. It must be the economy or something.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a damn fool with the fish lips.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about PMK but the batch knows her stuff and there wouldn't be an "empire " if it wasn't for her her working hard for her children. Kylie needs to recognize this. She should trust her mon. She got them this far. I'm doubly sure that if Kylie got her hands on the money she'd fuck it it. She's at that age and all rebellious and whatnot. Bah! Put them all in boat and set it on fire!

Anonymous said...

She needs to step back, she is just a child. She should let her mother handle it for now, the empire is a result of her hard work.

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