Monday, December 29, 2014

Kylie Jenner Hates Mom's New Boy Toy

Kylie Jenner hates mom Kris Jenner's new boy toy Corey Gamble.

Mama Kris is back on the dating scene after she filed for divorce from her husband Bruce Jenner. Looking so happy, glorious, and fabulous after all these years, she also bagged a boyfriend when she met Corey Gamble. Khloe and the older sisters are supportive of her,but Kylie Jenner is acting like a brat over this matter. She's so devastated about the divorce, and she thinks Mama Kris is "too good" for her new man!
Kylie really, really hates Corey, especially when he looked down and insulted Kylie over her shitty taste in music! She talked back to him and our source said that “she ripped him up over it, telling him he’s not her dad and can’t speak to her like that.” Kylie is known as the one closest to her father, and was often seen hanging out with him when the cameras go off.
“She really hates that her folks have split and it’s hell seeing them move onto other people who couldn’t care less about her and her siblings,” the family insider added. Even though Mama Kris has moved on and is very much living her life, Kylie is acting “very prickly towards Corey and thinks her mom’s making a fool of herself and could do so much better.”
Jacked from OK Magazine  


Sunno said...

I hate Kylie's new face.

JezMyOpinion said...

PMK is making a fool of herself. Again.

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