Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kylie Thanks Kim for Teaching Her How to Be Ghetto

Kylie Jenner thanks half-sister Kim Kardashian for teaching her about fashion and how to be ghetto.

As sisters it's only natural they'd be prone to some squabbling.
But Kim Kardashian's teenage half-sister Kylie Jenner showed some appreciation for the reality star favourite in a touching birthday text last month, which Kim shared to her Instagram account on Sunday.
The mother-of-one, whose 34th birthday was on October 21, had saved the message which read: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY I know we get on each others nerves sometimes lol but thank u for always having my back.'
'I learn a lot from u whether it's about fashion or how to turn from good girl to ghetto. Love u,' added the daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner.
The curvaceous TV star, who's married to rapper Kanye West, appeared to be very proud of the teen's sentiment. But it's curious why she shared it over a month after she received it.
Kim captioned the mobile phone screenshot: 'So glad I screen grabbed this Bday message in Oct from Kylie. This means so much to me #Goodgirltoghetto'

Jacked from The Daily Mail  


Anonymous said...

When has Kim ever been ghetto besides chasing after the D?

Anonymous said...

"How to be ghetto" translation = "how to snatch somebody's man"

Anonymous said...

Ghetto! That ain't ghetto she teaching you to be a hood rat ho.

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