Monday, December 22, 2014

Marriage Causes Rift Between Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

Husbands with nothing in common coming between sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

Not even celebrities can escape in-law drama!
Sources say that while Jessica Simpson put on a happy face at sister Ashlee’s wedding to Evan Ross, behind the scenes the girls have let their men put a wedge in their relationship. “Jessica’s husband, Eric [Johnson], has zilch in common with his brother-in-law,” a friend reveals. “Evan is into music, and Eric just talks about golf. They never double date — and it’s caused a rift between the girls.”
Sisterhood, it seems, has taken a backseat to marriage. “Jess and Ash will always be there for each other,” the source says. “But these days, the girls barely talk.”
Jacked from Star Magazine  


Anonymous said...

Translation, Ashley's husband is black and Jessica is white.

#TeamFreeNikki said...

If this is true then these girls are stupid and never really liked each other to begin with. I have three sisters, two of which are married to idiots. Neither I nor my husband can stand them, but I still hang with my sister's...we just don't double date. Who cares if you like the spouse...just be there for family when it's needed.

Anonymous said...

He's not any blacker than Ash's first husband. Google Peter Wentz mother

Anonymous said...

Evan's father was Arne Naess, who is from Norway, but of German (aryan) descent. They likely have nothing in common mainly because Evan was raised as the child of millionaires and private boarding schools and never really associated with people like The Simpsons. I wonder what he and even Ashlee have in common? I heard she was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Ashlee's a beard for diana ross's very gay son. Her last hubby peter wentz was gay too. Evan hurried up and had a kid, to validate him as a man. All these homo celebs do it, look at John Travolta. He's gayer than a tutu, but being married with kids gives him the illusion of being a bona fide hetero in the eyes of his fans. Will Smith is another one and the list is endless.

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