Monday, December 1, 2014

Nicole Scherzinger's Career on Its Last Legs

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger may have to come to terms with throwing in the towel on her singing career after dismal showing on her last album.

NICOLE SCHERZINGER’s F1 boyfriend Lewis Hamilton might be on top of the world – but there are fears the former X Factor judge’s music career is hitting the skids after her latest releases flopped.
The former Pussycat Doll was beaming after Lewis secured the F1 world championship on Sunday.
But things are not so rosy with her career, with latest album Big Fat Lie at 90 in the charts after shifting less than 9,000 copies.
New single Run sold just under 10,000 copies to enter the charts at 46.
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Anonymous said...

She needs to just become a wife and have some babies. Her career has been over since she went solo. I sorry she just realized it.

Anonymous said...

They tried to market her as an exotic Beyonce when she went solo and she flopped hard. She needs to stop trying to make fetch happen and just hang it up already.

NBA is fixed said...

I guess Nicole Scherzinger sat on the wrong casting couch. This girl is a pretty good singer and drop dead gorgeous. She doesn't make it, but talentless bitches like Rihanna, Ariana Grand and Iggy Azalea are famous? Hollywood is all about who you know and who you blow! Nicole Scherzinger didn't blow the right people.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna has what you call...IT. You cant buy that or create IT. Rihanna is a rock star point blank. Nicole is a well moisturized bore.

Anonymous said...

^^what 5:10 PM said. nicole lacks the "IT factor", so sleeping with all the right people would get her only so far. she doesn't have the personality, or the music, to keep the general public interested in her. she was compelling only when she was surrounded by a bunch of glorified backup dancers who were less attractive than her. she shoulda hung it up after her 1st album kept getting pushed back to the 1st clinton administration.

Anonymous said...

Career? What career? I know her for that 'dontcha? dontcha? dontcha wanna a girlfriend like me? dontcha?' and golddigging the F1 champ. She dropped back in to obscurity without him so had to eventually crawl back. But still now sadly just another WAG

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