Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ashlee Simpson to Legally Become Ashlee Ross

Ashlee Simpson moves to legally take her mother-in-law Diana Ross' last name.
Ashlee Simpson's coming out ... she wants the world to know ... that Diana Ross is her mother-in-law -- so she's legally taking her name, or she's trying to anyway.
Here's the deal -- yes, Ashlee married Diana's son Evan Ross back in August, but legally his name is Evan Naess ... his father's last name. Now, Evan and Ashlee want to leap into Rossville together.
They've filed a request to change their last names to Ross-Naess. Why the switch? They are expecting their first child, but since they already have the same last name -- Naess -- that can't be it.
This appears to be purely about giving mama D some props ... officially.
A judge will have to sign off on their petition, but not until the end of January because -- you can't hurry name changes. You just have to wait.
Jacked from TMZ  


Anonymous said...

Some dumb shit !

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but it sounds like she wants to take her husband's name. I know, crazy notion, right? (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she wants a piece of his billion dollar trust....But unless he produced an heir, it would have been null and void.

That's why Ms. Ross allowed the marriage. And everybody wins...

Nikasha said...

Fuck Ashley: that bitch is just trying to latch on to a legacy and her fortune. Raggedy ass bitch.

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