Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jeopardy Contestant Apologizes to Azealia Banks for Confusing Her with Iggy Azaela

Jeopardy contestant answers 'Who is Azealia Banks?' to a question about Iggy Azaela and later apologizes to Banks via social media.

Azalea and Banks have not commented. 
The contestant, who had won $19,600 in previous episodes and finished the first two rounds in the lead with $12,000, ended up losing in "Final Jeopardy." 
After the episode aired on Tuesday, he created a Twitter account and reached out to Banks to apologize.
"Hey @AZEALIABANKS - I'm the guy on Jeopardy who mixed you up with Iggy Azalea," he said. "I apologize. I actually think you're awesome."
Jacked from E Online


Anonymous said...

I saw this episode and laughed because I was shocked she was on his radar. Nice move.

Anonymous said...

@2:20 I laughed too.....

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