Friday, January 9, 2015

Jonas Brothers Come to Blows?

Insiders claim the Jonas Brothers break-up is so bitter that its turned physical.

One of our Fame Driven spies inisde the Jonas Brothers camp has tipped us on the relationship “rift” between Nick Jonas and his brother Kevin Jonas, apparently the two are not speaking and haven’t spoke to one another in quite some time…
The Fame Driven spy states:
Hello The Fame Driven, I’m not sure if the media is aware, but the break-up of The Jonas Brothers was greatly due to Nick and Kevin not getting along. Both guys are in two different places in their life. Kevin, who is married with a family, wanted the band to stick to their wholesome image, while Nick wanted the band to make more “current” pop type of music. The major rift between the two happened on October 27, 2013, two days before the band was set to make a comeback tour together, Nick and Kevin got into a physical altercation during a practice session which had to be broken up by Joe and some of the staff members. The group decided collectively to end The Jonas Brothers to hopefully salvage Nick and Kevin’s relationship. The difference in direction for the band got so heated that Kevin and Nick are not speaking to each other, and the only lines of communication the brothers have to one another is through Joe Jonas who is trying to be the peacemaker between the two. Kevin signed on to be on the upcoming season on Celebrity Apprentice and Nick has branched off into a solo music career, and is currently starring in a role on a television show called “Kingdom Come”.
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JJSantoro said...

I believe it. Those three queens think they each should have the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

i cant' lie, that new Nick Jonas is BANGING!!!!! Trying to be Justin 2.0!!!!!!!!! i stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll geeeeeeeeett JEEEEEEAAAAAAALLOOOOUS!!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Nick Jonas has a hit with that new joint "Jealous" too bad they couldn't make it work.

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