Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Justin Bieber Crashes Gay Republican Event

Justin Bieber accidentally joins meeting of gay Republicans... and they think he's just a 'butcher version of Miley Cyrus.'

He prides himself on being something of a hunk - if his latest Calvin Klein shoot is anything to go by. So Justin Bieber probably won't take too kindly to being mistaken for a girl when he dined out at one of his favourite restaurants this week.
The singer had turned up to the State Social House in Los Angeles with four friends only to find his usual perch had been taken by a meeting of gay Republicans.
Undeterred, he took a seat in the private area, known as the Attic, anyway as the group discussed gay rights. As it was, his presence initially went unnoticed because the meeting just thought he was a 'butcher version of Miley Cyrus', they later explained.
Ben Coleman, the event chairman of the Los Angeles chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, said the restaurant manager had informed him 'some other people' wanted to 'hang out in the corner'.
He told the Jillian Barberie and John Phillips show on 790 KABC: 'I went downstairs and someone I knew said "did you see Justin Bieber just went upstairs?"
'I went back and looked around the corner and I saw the group and, literally, I didn't see Justin Bieber, I just saw a bunch of girls.
'I got a closer look and said, oh yeah that's the Biebs, for sure. But he looked like a butcher version of Miley Cyrus.'
The group were listening to a talk by Ronald Reagan's former personal assistant Peggy Grande at the time. Mr Coleman said he tried to get a picture of Bieber, but was flatly refused.
According to Gossip Cop, he posted on Facebook: 'I tried to get a pic of the Biebs in front of the Log Cabin banner... with Peggy and I, but the bodyguards said no.
'And they had guns. So that didn't happen. Otherwise it was a dream come true.'
Jacked from The Daily Mail


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