Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meghan Trainor Plagerizes All About That Bass?

Famous Korean pop composer accuses Meghan Trainor of stealing his one of his beats for her 2014 smash hit, 'All About That Bass."

“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, which has recently achieved the 4th place spot on Billboard, was found to have plagiarized famous producer and composer Joo Younghoon’s song composition for Koyote’s “Happy Mode.”
Massachusetts singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor released “All About That Bass” in July, and it has since then reached #2 on the Top 100 Billboard Chart today, a month later.
However, the tune was noticeably similar to Koyote’s own song, “Happy Mode,” which was released back in 2006.
Community sites first caught the similarity of Trainor’s part, which matched the highlight melody of fellow vocalist, Kim Jongmin. There have been videos released comparing the two beats and melodies since then.
Even a line of the original lyrics – “Even if love leaves you, don’t cry because you’re sad” – has been repeated in Trainor’s track, save for a quicker rhythm. Though just a minor alteration has been made, dedicated fans of Koyote couldn’t help but realize that “All About That Bass” is not a completely honest work.
Surprisingly enough, Joo Younghoon was the first to discover this incident, even before fans. On August 1st, just a couple weeks following Trainor’s title track release, the composer posted on his Twitter, “Did you perhaps listen to my composition and plagiarize it? I guess it’s coincidence heh.”
Though vague, it indirectly pointed towards the fact that he was already aware of the plagiarism. A few days ago on August 21st, Joo was found to have written to a fellow associate via social media, “Calls are even coming from the U.S. heh I should start finding a lawyer.”
Also, rather than choosing to speak through an agency representative, Joo Younghoon had taken the time to communicate head-on with Trainor’s music team through means of social media.
Star News revealed earlier the contents of a phone interview with Joo Younghoon, in which he had further elaborated on how he approached the case.
“[Regarding the plagiarism] I had personally contacted Korean acquaintances who live in America through Twitter roughly a month ago,” he had begun. “They had seemed shocked, commenting, ‘The key seems the same,’ as well as ‘If Korea had stolen a song from America, there would’ve been chaos, but why is Korea currently so silent?’” Joo had then explained that maybe it was due to his precaution from the start. “In case they may consider me to be lying or having mistaken the accusation, I quietly watched over the song [and its contents] at first,” he had stated. Nonetheless, both native and overseas fans have increasingly urged him to take action against the plagiarism, which prompted Joo to begin research on legal matters. Throughout last week, he spent his time retaining a lawyer in America which was later confirmed by his Twitter post yesterday on the 26th, “I am currently discussing the matter with my lawyer.”
Additional discoveries have consisted of finding out that Meghan Trainor and another foreign producer had both participated in the making of the song. Granted, if it had indeed been a complete accident, Joo Younghoon has stated that the two may just have a simple discussion. Otherwise, though, he will fight for compensation.
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Anonymous said...

I'll admit from 0:36 - 0:49 of the Koren pop song it does sound like Megan copied that melody but the rest of the song I don't think so. Either way I could care less all I know is I'm sick and tired of hearing all about that bass! That song has been played to DEATH enough already!

Anonymous said...

She's an odd looking girl and that song is overrated and played out.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the song sucks to me. I'm sick of it just like I'm sick of Let It Go from Frozen.

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