Friday, January 16, 2015

Taylor Swift Has a Meltdown Over Jake Gyllennhaal

Taylor Swift breaks down into a teary mess after spotting her ex Jake Gyllenhaal at the Golden Globes.

When you date a majority of Hollywood's most eligible A-listers, you're bound to have a few awkward run-ins every now and then.
Case in point: Things got all kinds of weird for Taylor Swift after she ran into her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal -- the stud she allegedly penned several heartbreak anthems for -- at a Golden Globes after party last night.
The 25-year-old singer was hanging out at Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont with pals Selena Gomez and Lorde when she reportedly freaked out after seeing her 34-year-old former flame.
"She wasn't dancing," a source told 'Us,' "but I saw her grab her friend's hand and repeat, 'We have to go. We have to go.'"
The 'Trouble' singer immediately headed towards the girls bathroom and leaned on fellow celebs like Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora for comfort.
"Taylor was having a mini meltdown," the source revealed. "Cara's arm was around Taylor, calming her down as Rita looked on. They were talking extremely closely."
Onlookers reveal that TSwift was successful in avoiding her ex -- whom she dated very publicly in 2011. At least this time, she KNEW he was trouble when he walked in.
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Nika said...

this hoe-bag...she might as well become a shut-in b/c them wall already thin

WTF???!!!!! said...

This broad has not grown up, clearly she acts like she's still in high school. Always has a clique and hoards whoever is popular at the time into her circle. I thought she was gay and passing off her female lover as a roommate. LOL! story is BS

Anonymous said...

Umm....didn't they date for like a month?!? Also, isn't she a gay beard?

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