Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bruce Jenner Admits Taking Female Hormones

Bruce Jenner admits taking hormones to make his breasts bigger.

Bruce Jenner revealed to hospital workers after Saturday’s deadly crash that he’s on hormones to make his breasts bigger so he can look even more like a woman.
The gender-bending former Olympic champ said that “he was taking a very low dosage of hormones that his doctor prescribed. [But] there is no suggestion that the hormones were a contributing factor in the tragic accident,’’ the source told the Web site Radar Online on Monday.
Authorities confirmed to The Post that the hormones wouldn’t have played a role in Jenner’s ability to control his SUV at the time of Saturday’s Malibu crash, which left a 69-year-old millionaire widow dead.
“They don’t [even] screen for hormones since it’s not considered a factor in motor collisions,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Hoffman.
Jenner — who is 65 and transitioning into a woman — volunteered to have his blood drawn at a local hospital to prove he hadn’t been drinking or on drugs. It could be weeks before the results come back, Hoffman said.
“Bruce has nothing to hide and was very cooperative with cops,” the source added to Radar.
“During the entire process [at the hospital], Bruce was obviously very, very shocked and inquiring about the other victims. This has been a total nightmare for him, and Bruce is taking it very, very hard.”
Jenner’s publicist, Alan Nierob, told The Post that he has “no knowledge’’ of whether his client is taking hormones.
But the publicist denied Sunday that the reality-TV star may have been texting just before the tragedy. It’s still unclear whether he will face any charges.
The chain-reaction crash started when a Prius suddenly stopped in front of a Lexus, which rear-ended it, authorities said. The Lexus was then struck from behind by Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade, sending it into the path of a Hummer and killing the Lexus driver, Kim Howe.
Howe was driving with a license that expired in 2007, the LA Times reported. She was described by friends as a very wealthy woman who had no children, volunteered with local animal charities, and lived alone for years with her small dog.
Her husband, Robert, died in 2003 — just two days after they bought their dream home, a friend said. “Two days after closing, he passed away from a heart attack. It was very sudden,’’ said their broker and pal Jim Pascucci.
“So she had been a widow in this house from the time they bought it until her death the other day.’’
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