Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Car Crash

Breaking news! Bruce Jenner claims pack of paparazzi chased him on the highway causing a fatal car crash.

Bruce Jenner was involved in a horrific car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu at around noon Saturday, one person is dead, and it looks like Bruce caused the accident ... TMZ has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell us ... there were 3 vehicles involved in the crash. We're told there were 8 people involved and all sustained some sort of injury ... but one person died at the scene.
Eyewitnesses say Bruce rear ended the white car and that car went into oncoming traffic and was struck by the Hummer. You can see the impact in the pics below. The woman driving the white car died.
One law enforcement source said Bruce seems to be ok, but again, we're told the 7 survivors sustained some injuries, ranging from minor to moderate.
Jenner family sources tell TMZ Bruce was being chased by as many as 5 paparazzi at the time of the crash. Bruce told cops he wasn't drinking and passed a field sobriety test.
We're told Bruce had picked up his Polaris UTV after loaning it to a wounded veterans group.
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Anonymous said...

Bruce bye! Being allegedly chased by paparazzi is no excuse to speed, rear end and kill someone. What you should've done is pulled over and called the cops. You just didn't want them to take your picture it's not like you were in danger and feared for your life therefore there's no reason why you should've been speeding or driving recklessly.

WTF???!!!!! said...

They say his irresponsible ass was texting and caused the accident. Kris owns the media and I'm sure she'll spin it, and all their money will get him out of this mess. Any man involved with these witches, well.....let's just say the Kartrashian curse is real.

Anonymous said...

I use to laugh at this family and crack jokes at their childish attention whorish ways, but now they've taken it to a new level with the MURDER of this poor innocent women. I've seen the pictures on TMZ of literally seconds before the crash Bruce indeed was on the phone, and what makes it even worse are the pictures of Bruce on the scene of the crash afterwards looking completely unbothered by the fact the He/She just took someone's life!

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