Friday, February 6, 2015

Dr. Dre Backing Racist White Rapper?

Is Dr. Dre's new protégé, rapper Justin Mohrle, hiding a racist past?
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dre Dre recently announced that he was working with a new artist, a white rapper named Justin Mohrle from Texas. Old music of his surfaced and he was heard calling black people the “N” word. Since then, Dre’s team has been working hard to make sure none of this music can be found. All the music has since been removed. How do you feel about another white rapper disrespecting the people who started the culture?
It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.- nik
Jacked from The Dirty  


Anonymous said...

Another sell out like TI! Dre is out to create another Eminem now that Em is old and starting to fade! Out of all the struggling black rappers out there who are actually talented why would Dre co sign and back a White RACIST from Texas... Other than the fact the he'll be easy to market to white America and make millions. It's sad that our own people are selling away our culture to openly racist white people who make it no secret that they don't like or even respect us, even though it's U.S. they're emulating.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason to stop watching and listen to this shit they need us the audience way more then we need them the artist.

Anonymous said...

I bet Dre is looking for a new white "protege" now that Eminem is a shell of his former self and rarely leaves his compound.

The (alleged) stories of what Eminem had to do to get put on are hair-raising. This young white boy doesn't know what he's getting into, though it would be ironic if he ends up a used up plaything for the "Swagger Club."

Racist or not, he get the Astroglide and Gun Oil ready...

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