Friday, February 13, 2015

Jessica Simpson Publicly Attacks Cheating Husband

Jessica Simpson goes berserk on cheating hubby in the lobby of Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont.

Feb. 5 was supposed to be a romantic date night at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont for Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson — but just a few hours after pulling up to the A-list hotspot, the couple stormed out after causing a violent scene in the hotel lobby!
Witnesses reported seeing Jessica screaming at her husband, and cameras captured Eric collapsing into their chauffeured car with a bloody gash on his nose. Star has the inside scoop on the startlingly public blowup, which has friends and family members concerned that Jessica and Eric’s seven-month marriage is already on the brink of collapse.
According to friends, dinner started out fine for the couple, but all that changed after a few drinks, “because Jessica saw Eric exchange glances with another woman.” Although they finished their meal civilly, all hell broke loose when Eric got up to go to the bathroom, and still didn’t return after five or 10 minutes — leading Jessica to go search for him.
“Eric was chatting with the cute woman Jessica had seen him looking at — and he had his phone out too, as if he was getting her number,” the source reveals. “Jessica walked straight over and snatched it out of his hand. Needless to say, the brunette left immediately.”
After that, an insider says, “Jessica went crazy. She was like a woman possessed!” And this isn’t the first time her fiery temper has threatened their marriage either — as Starpreviously reported, just four months after the duo’s fairy-tale July 2014 wedding, they were sleeping in separate beds and fighting nonstop.
Jacked from Star Magazine  


Sweet Honey Child said...

She lost all that baby weight and he is still a disrespectful prick. Its obvious he's an opportunist. She can't get it right after her divorce from Nick.

Anonymous said...

I always thought she was pretty and had a nice heart. But she's an air head and they all get tired of her after awhile. He was never right for her and an assclown.

Anonymous said...

Pictures and/or video or it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Jess...she is a brilliant business woman, who has carved out a niche for herself in fashion...her shoes, handbags, and scarfs are chic and cute...I don't think she gets the props she deserves when it comes to her business sense. She has a billion dollar business and manages to maintain a lifestyle that even her ex husband could not provide for her. I just think she fell in love with someone whom she thought had her back, but in the end he was/is just like the other men in her life (Papa Joe?)....Daddy issues?? But she is not as dumb as the media portrays her to be..ijs

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