Saturday, February 7, 2015

Justin Bieber Complains Trial Appearance Too Expensive

Justin Bieber asks judge to excuse him from court because it would cost him too much to personally appear.

Troubled singer Justin Bieber has asked a Miami judge to excuse him from attending a mediation in a lawsuit brought against him by a photographer — and Bieber provided amazing details on what it would cost him to attend.
In a filing Monday, Bieber claimed it would cost him $68,433.63 to travel from Los Angeles to attend the court-mandated mediation scheduled for Feb. 16, and spend one night here before heading back.
Among the expenses: $60,000 for a private jet, $3,773.63 in “entourage fees,” $1,000 in ground transportation costs, $3,200 for one night in a hotel, and $210 in per diem.
Even if he flew first class on a commercial jet, according to a letter to the judge by Solomon Smallwood, Bieber’s business manager, the trip would set him back $18,000.
It would be unfair to have Bieber incur all those expenses, according to the filing, for a case over $1,098 in medical expenses for the photographer allegedly attacked by Bieber’s bodyguards in 2013.
It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive that the rest of the pack will get much later: Bieber wants be allowed to attend the mediation via teleconference to cut costs!
As you first read here days ago, the singer of Never Say Never was ordered to attend the Feb. 16 session after missing a previously scheduled mediation last month.
According to Bieber’s filing, he must fly on his brand spanking new jet “because of security issues.” It doesn’t explain what the “entourage fees” entail.
The response from paparazzo Jeffery Binion‘s lawyer was filed hours later, and it reminds the court that Bieber is known to use his private jet for leisure, no matter the cost.
In a nutshell, writes Aventura legal eagle Mark DiCowden, Bieber needs to show up at mediation because that’s what every defendant has to do.
“Justin Bieber, a Canadian citizen, has come to the United States, availed himself of the rights and privileges of this country and the great state of Florida,” DiCowden’s response reads. “However, due to his celebrity status, Justin Bieber feels that he should be entitled to special treatment by requesting to be excused from mediation.” Stay tuned. We’ll get the judge’s decision before everybody else!
Binion, by the way, is seeking millions in damages from the Biebs for having his bodyguards attack Binion in June 2013 outside a recording studio in North Miami.
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