Friday, February 13, 2015

Kris Jenner Always Knew About Bruce

Kris Jenner is lying when she claims she was blindsided by Bruce Jenner's sex change.

The Kardashians are lying when they say they were blindsided by news that Bruce Jenner was becoming a woman, and in Kris' case she's known for years ... sources directly connected to the Jenner family tell TMZ.
We're told Jenner's sons are finding it hard to stomach reports that Kris had no idea Bruce was becoming a woman. That's exactly what Kardashian sources told TMZ, that Kris was in the dark.
But that has infuriated members of Bruce's family, who say Kris has known since they got married that Bruce "had issues with his sexual identity." And they say his desire to transition surfaced years ago.
Our Jenner sources say Kris wanted it under wraps because it would "hurt the brand." So for the last few years they say she was ironfisted about keeping it all private.
We're also told the Jenner boys are upset with Kim -- although they will deny it publicly -- because they are convinced she knew exactly what she was doing when she talked about Bruce's journey and she jacked Bruce's moment.
Jacked from TMZ


Anonymous said...

This is one sick family

Anonymous said...

I've heard this has always been the case. Kris knew and married him regardless. I don't feel sorry for Bruce though. He stood by Kris all those years for the money and fame the Kardashian brand brings. I mean where as been at, when his daughters have been pimped out by their mother. Disgusting man

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