Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kris Jenner's Boy Toy Turned Off by Leaky Bladder

Kris Jenner's young boyfriend Corey Gamble can't deal with her incontinence.

Kris Jenner’s new boyfriend, 34-year-old Corey Gamble, is having second thoughts about their relationship – due to her leaky bladder!
“She suffers from incontinence, and when Corey and Kris go out drinking and they start laughing and giggling, she pees her pants,” claimed a pal.
“Corey thought it was somewhat funny at first, but now he’s wondering if Kris needs to start wearing Depends.”
When Corey brought it up, cougar Kris – a spokeswoman for Poise pads! – told her boytoy, “I’m a 59-year-old woman who has given birth to six kids. What did you expect?”
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

What she more than likely said is " I took my last husband's balls and now he is becoming woman. This is what you can expect if you keep f**king with me."

Anonymous said...

No, what she likely said is, "So, I'm a spokesperson for Poise, and the National Enquirer fabricates this story because my association with Poise makes this believable? I should have known." When it comes to the National Enquirer: Pics, or it didn't happen. Every time. I'm no kind of fan of any of those bitches, but this is stretching.

Anonymous said...

Stress incontinence. Kegels Kris, damn.

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