Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kylie Jenner Moves In with Tyga?

Has Kylie Jenner moved in with Tyga? Teen spends 'days and nights' at 25-year-old rapper's mansion.

The 17-year-old has raised eyebrows due to her relationship with Tyga but have then taken it to the next stage? They have not openly spoken about the fact they are dating despite being pictured together more times than we’ve had hot dinners.
And now the latest reports suggest that Kylie Jenner, 17, has been spending most her time at Tyga’s house. According to RadarOnline the recent family dramas have meant that the Klan’s youngest has been doing pretty much what she wants – which in her case means spending long days and night with the rapper.
A source told the website: “She spends days and nights at a time at Tyga’s mansion, and even has keys and alarm codes.
“The staff treats Kylie as someone who lives at the house. With no curfew, it’s not uncommon for Kylie to not see either of her parents for several days at a time!”
Tyga is believed to live in a seven bedroom mansion with it’s own cinema and a huge pool for her to play in. It’s thought Kris trusts Tyga and even thinks he is a good influence on her.
But while the momager has given her seal of approval other family members aren’t so pleased.
Bruce is reportedly not a big fan and Kim is less than impressed because Tyga is the father of her good friend Blac Chyna’s son.
In August Kylie turns 18 and then she really will be able to do what she wants – not that she isn’t already.
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Anonymous said...

Damn is this the Jenner-Kardashian personal blog????.....
F**** these damn idiots!

Anonymous said...

How is he living so large and doesn't even have hit album, mixtape or anything for that matter. This dude is a bum in shiny packaging.

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