Friday, February 13, 2015

Taylor Swift Out Sells Herself

Taylor Swift's latest triple platinum album outsells her last triple platinum album.

In case you needed any confirmation that Taylor Swift is pretty much the best thing going in music at the moment, here's some more.
The pop superstar has continued her quest for world domination as sales for her latest album 1989 remain high - so high that it's already outsold her 2012 record Red.
That's right - her fourth LP might have already been out for over two years but her most recent effort has overtaken since its release near the end of October 2014.
Not surprisingly, Tay is delighted with the news and shared it with her followers.
She wrote: "Just found out that in 3.5 months, 1989 has now outsold Red (which has been out for over 2 years) AND I THINK THAT'S PRETTY COOL GUYS (sic)"
The savvy star is making sure only she is the one to capitalise on her amazing success after recently trademarking her lyrics so that only she can use them for merchanise.
Lyrics the star has penned, including: "nice to meet you, where you been", "party like it's 1989", "this sick beat" and "we never go out of style" have all been trademarked - along with her name, signature and initials (?!) have also be trademarked.
The country singer submitted her requests on 24 and 25 October 2014 - days before her album was released.
As well as forbidding any of these to be printed on t-shirts, bags etc, the star has also requested her branding is not printed on soap, napkin rings and "whips, harness and saddlery."
In a possible sign of the state of the music industry, Taylor's huge success has come following her decision to remove her songs from streaming service Spotify late last year.
Jacked from The Mirror  


Anonymous said...

Eh. I don't get why she and her music are so popular, but I won't hate on her success. It must be nice. However, I will say that something seems "off" about her. I dunno what it is, but she just strikes me as very, very weird, and not in an "eccentric genius" way, but in a "mentally disturbed" way.

Anonymous said...

12:48 Her music sells because she represents the the majority of the people who still buy music legally in this country... Bland white females from the age range of mid teens to early adults. I don't want to hate on her success either, but sometimes I feel like it's not deserved because she's nowhere near the best vocalist or performer nor is her music particularly good but hey I guess that's just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

I like the song, even though it's a total rip off from Mariah, Jay-Z and 3LW.

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