Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taylor Swift Rolls Eyes at Sarah Palin

Taylor Swift pouts and rolls her eyes after being seated next to Sarah Palin at the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special.

Taylor Swift does not look pleased! The ‘Style’ singer was on hand on Feb. 15, to celebrate ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ 40th anniversary, but she was clearly not happy about being seated next to politician, Sarah Palin — and it showed on her face!
Taylor Swift, 25, is definitely not good at hiding her feelings! At the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Feb. 15, following her hilarious part in “The Californians” Taylor was in the audience next to Sarah Palin where she was seen rolling her eyes and looking extremely unhappy!
Oh boy, we wonder what the former Governor will have to say about Taylor’s facial expressions. Taylor and Sarah have both been memorable guests on SNL over the years, but that doesn’t mean that they would enjoy sitting next to one another.
Taylor was on hand to have a cameo in the long running skit, “The Californians” and following her part she returned to the audience where she was seated in-between Sarah and legendary director, Stephen Spielberg.
Cameras panned to Taylor and Sarah several times, showing the pop-star with her arms crossed with an angry expression on her face at one point even appearing to be rolling her eyes — definitely not pleased with her seating placement.
Jacked from Hollywood Life


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The one on the left looks like a rat. The one on the right looks like bulldog.

NBA is fixed said...

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3:57 Sarah Palin

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