Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taylor Swift Suing Former Guitar Teacher

Taylor Swift is suing the man she credits with teaching her to play guitar for hosting a website with her name in it.
Pop superstar Taylor Swift threatened to sue her former guitar instructor, Ronnie Cremer, over a domain name he recently created. Cremer started the domain name a few weeks ago, after publicly sharing his story of giving Swift guitar lessons back in 2002. "What I showed her was straight country strumming," said Ronnie Cremer of Kenhorst.
He says back in June of 2002, the family approached him first to record a demo for Taylor, then to teach her how to play guitar. "I did not know the first thing about country. I said I can show you rock. I can show you how I play in a rock sense. So the first song I taught her was 'I want you to want me' from Cheap Trick," said Cremer.
It is a song that Swift still plays at her concerts today. Cremer says he gave Taylor Swift guitar lessons twice a week for about a year and a half inside her home in Wyomissing.
Months later, he says, he ended up fixing the family's computer. But the pop superstar tells a much different story.
"When I was about 12, this magical twist of fate. The guy who my parents had hired to fix my computer, I am doing my homework and he looks over and sees the guitar in the corner," said Taylor Swift, in Youtube clip Journey to Fearless. "He said, do you want me to teach you a few chords? I was like yea. Yes. That was that. I was just relentless about wanting to play all the time."
"I could not believe it. I thought why are they doing this. Would it kill them to say Ronnie Cremer from Reading, Pennsylvania, taught me?" asked Cremer. So he went public with his side of the story for the first time in January. Swift never responded to the original New York Daily News article, but has since fired back after Cremer started a new domain name,
He was slapped with a cease and desist order from TAS Rights Management, LLC, claiming his new domain name would dilute and tarnish the Taylor Swift trademark. The letter demanded he take down his domain within three days or face a lawsuit for trademark infringement. But Cremer is not backing down. He consulted his attorney who says he is in his legal right to have the website. Now he is hoping Swift will come clean. "I think she needs to let go of the lie. All I would really like her to do is just tell the truth," said Cremer.
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