Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brett Ratner Caught Kissing Mystery Woman Amid Mariah Carey Rumors

Brett Ratner caught kissing mystery woman days after being linked to Mariah Carey.

Oh, baby they belong together… Or do they?!
Shortly after it was reported that Mariah Carey finally landed a rebound following her split from Nick Cannon, she and new beau Brett Ratner were seen spending his birthday together this past Saturday, March 28.
While ‘TMZ’ reports the pair were “in full-on couple mode” on his big day, it would appear there’s already trouble in paradise — as he was already caught canoodling another woman!
The gossip site snagged pictures of the director, 46, kissing a woman last night, March 29. And to add insult to injury, he’s aboard the same yacht where he spent his birthday with the ~Elusive Chanteuse~ only hours before! Mariah and Brett have known each other for years and even worked together on music videos in the past — which is why she was allegedly hopeful about their relationship.
“She thinks he is a genius and he totally gets her cooky sense of humor. The end of her relationship with Nick changed her life forever and now she wants to be surrounded by people that accept her for who she is… She is Mariah Carey, she will never be simple and easy,” a source tells ‘In Touch.’
“They flirt non-stop and it seems like something is happening, but if it is she isn’t sharing anything yet.”
Well, considering they’re already facing a threat to their budding romance — we understand why she was keeping her mouth shut!
Jacked from In Touch Weekly  

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