Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bruce Jenner Schedules Sex Change for Summer

Bruce Jenner schedules sex change operation for sometime this summer.

Bruce Jenner’s sex change is back on track. After briefly postponing his transition in the wake of a fatal car crash last month, has learned he has increased the frequency of visits to his therapist as he prepares for a sex change operation this summer.
Having already been in therapy prior to the car accident “was a blessing because Bruce already had a support system in place,” an insider told Radar. “It was recently suggested that Bruce increase the visits to twice weekly, however, to cope with the aftermath of the fatal crash.”
“The therapy was required by the doctor that will be performing Bruce’s sex change operation,” the source revealed. “And it has helped Bruce tremendously.”
The sex change operation is now scheduled to take place “towards the end of the summer,” the source told Radar. “The surgery was postponed because of the car accident.”
Facing involuntary vehicular manslaughter charges, the source previously said, “Bruce is giving all of his time and energy right now into helping out with the investigation and in making sure that there is peace for those close to the deceased.”
However, there seems to be a silver-lining to every tragic story.
“Because of the accident, people who Bruce hasn’t spoken to in forever are reaching out to him to offer support for his grieving process,” the source revealed.
“But they are also letting him know that they support his transition too.
“Everything happens for a reason and Bruce is a firm believer in this. He was in such a great place before this happened and he will be in that place again after the dust has settled.”
Jacked from Radar Online

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