Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cara Delevingne Snubbed During London Fashion Week

Cara Delevingne fails to book a single show during London Fashion Week.
Though she's one of the most recognizable faces in fashion, Cara Delevingne's it girl status may be in jeopardy!
Delevingne has walked runways for some of the biggest names in the industry and landed numerous campaigns with major labels. But it's her reputation as a party girl that has left many designers uninterested in working with the model.
“Cara is notorious for showing up at work looking hung over and bloated,” a source told OK!. “That’s a surefire way to lose jobs.”
And though she booked shows at New York and Paris' fashion weeks, she wasn't as successful in her own hometown of London, with the model failing to land a single show during London Fashion Week.
But lucky for Delevingne, she appears to be branching out into other areas of entertainment, including acting. And a pair of Instagram posts she and Beyoncé posted just hours apart in the same studio fueled rumors that the singer and model may be working on a song together!
Jacked from Ok Magazine  


Anonymous said...

Could it be that little squabble she had with Naomi? hmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Cara is a drugged up mess. I remember fashion people were spilling tea on her before she got real famous. Let's say, around 2010/2011. She would do lines of coke while getting her make up done backstage at fashion shows. Even after she got big, a year and a half ago she dropped a bag of coke in front of paps. Total mess

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