Wednesday, March 25, 2015

David Beckham Ignores Taz Angels

David Beckham ignores famous Miami party girls Taz Angels at the Delano.

Married soccer stud David Beckham’s on his best behavior in Miami while trying to launch a pro soccer team there, despite the impressive efforts of some sexy locals.
Beckham was perhaps the only guy who wasn’t driven to distraction at the Delano Hotel early Tuesday by a group of twerking South Beach party vixens known as “Taz’s Angels” who were pulling out all the stops to get his attention.
Spies said Beckham arrived at the Delano’s FDR nightclub with three male pals around 1:15 a.m. An hour later, a dozen scantily clad “video-vixen-type women” came strutting in together and sat at a table close by.
The women then began “dancing on the tables and standing on the tables right across from Beckham. They were twerking to get his attention.”
But the soccer god, we’re told, “was the only one not paying them any mind whatsoever. He was super low-key and didn’t care about them at all — though they were impossible to ignore.”
Taz’s Angels, a group of women who have 771,000 Instagram followers, are paid thousands a night by clubs and promoters to dance and entertain VIPs — besides rhythmic writhing, that can include kissing, pouring Champagne on themselves and other antics.
They even live together in a Miami mansion with a music-producer-turned-club-promoter called Taz, who’s been dubbed the town’s “black Hugh Hefner.” Taz’s ladies refer to themselves as “sister wives,” and they’ve even launched a clothing line and “boot-camp workout.”
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Anonymous said...

Not surprised! Based on his so called passed encounters with other women, its clear the type of women he likes, and it is not them lowlife groupy trick ho Latinas called taz angel or whatever they are called.

Anonymous said...

Agreed @4pm

Anonymous said...

ooh 4:00 cosignn

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that so-called mansion smells like old ass, feet, and stale baby oil

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