Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kanye West Furious About Kim Kardashian Draco Malfoy Comparisons

Kanye West is upset that people have been clowning his wife's new hair color.

Kanye West is not a happy man! While Kim takes over Paris Fashion Week with her new platinum blonde look, Kanye is reportedly furious that fans and observers are comparing Kim to Draco Malfoy – a character from ‘Harry Potter’, both of whom share the same hair style now.
A source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP exclusively, “When Kanye was at an after-party, someone mentioned to him that comparisons that people were making of Kim – he flew off the handle and started screaming about how people need to respect the icon that Kim has become! Kim just stood there and didn’t say anything – clearly she agrees.”
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Anonymous said...

i personally am no fond of her new blond tresses, i think the color makes her look bland and alien-esque.. Especially when she does those dumb ass duck lips! Go back to black hun, we all know its your favorite =)

Anonymous said...

Well Mr.No-talent'ye we can if you are up in yo feelings about your prized pig being compaired to Malfoy .You should kill yo self for her alsobeing compaired to a toilet bowl.. Dumb ass heffa needs to go watch her child and stop trying to scoop all her lil sisters shine ...every time she does a show..shows how jelly your lame wife is of her own kinfolk...smh ..nigga shut your nut hole...no talent hack a$$ fool

Anonymous said...

Who the Hell said she was an icon? She will always be known as the woman who gobbled on Ray J's BALLS, nothing more.

WTF???!!!!! said...

She did that blonde crap last year and the media conveniently ignores that b/c of her pimp momager. It was a wig then and it's a wig now. Something is so off about her hair, even the scalp is blonde. I think it's a very expensive lacefront. That narcissistic wench is not gonna fuck up her trademark dark hair, lightening that shit. She's an attention whore, but no coverage of her at the salon getting that dye job. ummm hmmm

Anonymous said...

Kim's an icon?

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