Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lady Gaga Serial Home Wrecker?

Watch your boyfriends around Lady Gaga! Serial home-wrecker engaged to her latest catch.

Belting out tunes from The Sound of Music at the Oscars this year, the newly engaged Lady Gaga looked and sounded like an angel. But don’t let appearances fool you!
While Gaga works hard to sell her provocative image, Star has learned that it’s no act — the “Born This Way” singer is a man-eater who stole her last fourboyfriends from other women! “Most women declare a guy off-limits when he’s got a wife or a girlfriend. But not for Gaga,” a source reveals. “For her, it’s a challenge.”
As Star previously reported, Gaga’s fiance, Taylor Kinney, was seriously dating real estate agent Brittany Sackett when Gaga fell for him on the set of her “You and I” music video — and eventually stole his heart. “I feel like she’s a homewrecker,” Brittany tells Star, adding that she found out about Taylor and Gaga’s affair when he pocket-dialed her in the middle of a make-out session with the diva.
But Gaga’s man-stealing didn’t begin with Taylor. Her intense 2009 affair with art director Matthew “Dada” Williams broke up his relationship with his live-in girlfriend, with whom he had a baby boy. And a year later she pursued her ex Luc Carl, who eventually left his girlfriend for her. “She was relentless,” the insider says. “She called and texted him like crazy and threw herself at him.”
Even her first high-profile romance, with producer Rob Fusari, began in 2006 when Rob was engaged. “She finds power in stealing men away from other women,” the insider explains. “It’s really strange.”
Jacked from Star Magazine

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She is nit attractive and looks dirty and stinky....just gross....not a fan at all.

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