Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Drops the N-Word

Lindsay Lohan drops the N-Word on Instagram before quickly deleting it.

Lindsay Lohan is about to learn a life lesson ... nothing on the Internet is ever really gone ... because her attempt to delete the N-word from social media has failed miserably.
Lohan went to see Kanye West perform Tuesday night as part of Paris Fashion Week. She posted a photo of Kanye onstage that included the caption, "#kanye&kimAlldaynigga$."
Lindsay deleted the corresponding tweet and edited the Instagram post to remove the N-word ... but her followers noticed and called her out on it, writing things like:
-- "Why did you change what you wrote?"
-- "You said the N word?!? Wow I seen your original post and so did thousands others"
-- "She deleted N word so fast ..... Wow !!"
Jacked from TMZ 

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NBA is fixed said...

Usually the media reports everything about Lindsay Lohan. They haven't reported this story. Gee I wonder why?

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