Wednesday, March 4, 2015

North West Afriad of Her Parents?

Insiders claim the REAL reason for North West's New York Fashion Week meltdown is because she doesn't know her parents that well.

Little NORTH WEST’s meltdowns during New York Fashion Weekpoint to a scary reality – she barely knows her parents! The 20-month-old wailed like a banshee in mom Kim Kardashian’s arms while watching daddy Kanye West unveil his new clothing linewith Adidas.
“Kim leaves Nori with a nanny a lot, so she isn’t used to this much time alone with mommy and daddy,” a Kardashian family insider told All The Buzz.
“It’s obvious Nori’s way more comfortable with the nanny than with Kim and Kanye,” said another source. “She cries wherever they go.”
North’s been trotted around like a promotional prop by the pair, and the results have been a disaster, pals said. “It’s been backfiring left and right,” said the insider.
“It’s obvious Nori doesn’t want to be there.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


WTF???!!!!! said...

The kid is a prop and something to pimp later on down the line, like her mother did her. Nori never looks happy. She doesn't know Coonye and the whore of Babylon. The nannies are her parents, they probably breast fed her too. Disgusting. Kid is gonna have all kinds of psychological problems and hang ups, being brought up by these culture vultures. They'll probably start sending her to the plastic surgeon @ 10.

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