Monday, March 16, 2015

Pamela Anderson Banned From Sam Simon's Funeral After Accepting Deathbed Monetary Gift

Furious family members ban Pamela Anderson from Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon's funeral because she accepted a $800k deathbed gift from him.

Pamela Anderson 'banned' from her close friend Sam Simon's funeral by his family after she 'accepted $800,000 death bed gift'
They were close friends for many years sharing their passionate love of animal advocacy.
So when in his dying days, The Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon gave Pamela Anderson a ring said to be worth $800,000, she is said to have accepted without a second thought.
But now, according to TMZ, the Baywatch star has felt the wrath of his grieving family who have allegedly banned her from his funeral for 'taking advantage' of him in his weakened state.
Sam died last week aged 59 after a three year battle with colon cancer after being told he had three months to live in 2012.
According to a report on the showbiz website on Saturday, his family are 'infuriated' with the blonde bombshell who they feel should not have accepted the ring.
Apparently, the actress has now been banned from attending the private ceremony on Tuesday.
Pamela's representatives chose not to comment when contacted by
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Anonymous said...

If he gave it to her, it was a gift; get over it!!

Anonymous said...

So f***in what - a stupid 800,000 ring when he is a billionaire and they have been good friends for years. Damn maybe he wanted to have that piece of jewelry. Just greedy - I'm sure the family will all get more than their fair share!!!

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