Monday, March 30, 2015

Rob Kardashian Threatening to Write Explosive Tell-All

Kris Jenner threatening to slap son Rob Kardashian with a ceast and desist order if he tries to go through with plans to write an explosive tell-all book.

According to reports the momager is considering a cease and desist order to prevent Rob from exposing family secrets. They're one of the most talked-about families in the world.
But Kris Jenner is reportedly preparing to stop her son Rob from revealing the family's deepest secrets.
According to reports, the momager will do anything to stop Rob Kardashian from penning a tell-all book - including legal action.
A source told RadarOnline: "Everyone knows that if Rob wrote a book, it would be an absolute gold mine.
"But Kris is willing to do whatever is needed to stop him and is prepared to fire off a cease and desist letter if she finds out that he is going to really start the process of doing this book."
They added: "Kris does not want to do this to her son, but this book would be such a slap in the face and undoubtedly a best-seller."
Since Rob posted the scary image of Rosamund Pike’s bloadsoaked character Amy Dunne in thriller Gone Girl, claiming she was like his sister Kim, rumours of a rift have been rife.
And the source also claimed Rob is mad at his mum after she sided with his sister Kim.
Previous reports claimed the family know Rob has a "funny sense of humour" and have shrugged off the post as "so dumb".
A source told People magazine: "He has a funny sense of humour and posts weird things and then deletes them. It's just him."
They added no one was insulted by the bizarre picture and caption.
27-year-old Rob's weight has fluctuated over the last few years, and he has stayed out of the limelight since he bailed on sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye West last year and no longer appears in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
We have contacted reps for Kris and Rob for comment.
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Anonymous said...

Rob the slob needs to go ahead and write that book it would be the perfect revenge for the way that trashy family has treated him all these years. Besides who are they kidding, if the book is juicy enough and if its a hit, then that's more exposure for them which to them is the absolute bottom line. They don't care about bad press as long as someone is mentioning their names they're happy.

Anonymous said...

Please write it, I usually wait till the movie comes out instead of reading a book, but this is one I'll definately read. I'd like anything that will put an end to Madame Kris's bordello.

Anonymous said...

rob is a pathetic man , he should be ashamed of himself if he writes a tell all book about his family/ its not their fault his crappy socks don't sell . they didn't tell him to eat his feeling and become obese

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some people on this thread are on the KKK payroll, huh?

signwithclass said...

Yes it does. Fuck the Kartrashians. Bruce's sex change is concrete proof that all those women emasculate their men, I'd by his book over the rest of theirs any day.

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